Customer comments

Again as always, your ornaments are beautiful and flawless. Thank you so much for putting your special touches on the ornaments.
Susan on 11/21/2014. South Chesterfield VA
Thank you for another perfect ornament for my child's collection. I love your craftsmanship, your beautiful writing and your attention to detail. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
KJB on 11/13/2014. Farmington Michigan
Amy. Ornaments were received today. Love them, honestly think they are the best ones so far.
Keep up the excellent work. AR
a reed on 11/05/2014. warrington Penna.
One of my favorite Christmas traditions is picking out our annual ornaments. My mother in law got us started with Amy and we have never been disappointed! I love putting up my tree and opening all the boxes of dough si dough ornaments with each year represented with a perfect memory! Thank you Amy, you're one of my favorite traditions!
Shannon Ferguosn on 11/03/2014. Poquoson Va
This year's are as amazing as every other Christmas ornament I have gotten from Dough-Si-Dough over the past years. We cannot imagine a year without these beautifully crafted ornaments. The ornaments selected always represent something that has occurred in the last year to the person's printed name. For instance the 2014 for Chase is the Lego Man which depicts all the building he has been doing on his home.

Thanks Amy for carrying on our family Christmas tradition!
Antoinette on 10/28/2014. Augusta Ga
Amy, I just received my star ornaments today and they are beautiful. Such prompt service too. Thank you so much! My family loves all of our dough-si-dough ornaments that we have purchased from you over the years.
LAM on 10/25/2014. Columbus Ga
I got several ornaments and love each and every one! I got the Frame-dog, to remember my beloved Trust, and cried when I saw how wonderful the ornament is! Will definitely be a regular customer and will recommend to everyone I know!
Tania on 10/22/2014.  Virginia
I bought my first Dough-si-Dough ornament in 1992 at Christmas Made in the South in Savannah, GA. I have been a customer and friend ever since. Her ornaments are unique, well made, and full of love. Thank you Amy for our relationship. We have shared a lot over these 22 years. May you and your family be blessed.
Wendy on 10/16/2014. Savannah GA
The ornaments we have purchased from Amy are heirlooms to be passed down in our family. Her work is always done beautifully and correctly. I highly recommend her unique creations.
Nancy M. on 10/15/2014. Lexington SC
We have been ordering one ornament each year for the past 24 years, all for our grandchildren since their births. The first five were grandsons, then a granddaughter for whom I finally got to order some of the girly designs. We are finished now with our seventh (sixth grandson), and I want you to know we are thrilled with our ornaments every year!!
Ann K. on 09/26/2014. Aiken SC
Thank You Amy for the beautiful ornaments that you create. I cherish them every year as I place them on the Christmas tree.
My first order was placed in 2007, and this year I orderd my 1st Grandson his 1st Christmas Ornament.
Deborah on 12/11/2013. Sarasota Florida
I love dough-si-dough and have collected them since 1990. Thank you for allowing me to order online as i cannot always make it to the shows. I cannot wait to get my new ornaments! Cissy Bowles
C.B. on 12/05/2013. Belmont NC
My Granddaughters love the ornaments I give them every year. I give the ornaments to them on Thanksgiving Day and they even try to guess what they will look like. It's a real treat for me to see their faces when they open them and see them for the first time. Thank you again.
M.J. on 12/02/2013. Linesville PA
Once again the ornaments are awesome - I have been treating my siblings to the "annual ornament" each year for some time now - always a hit! Thank you so much for sharing your talents Amy! Have a blessed Christmas!
Martha on 11/22/2013. Buchanon VA
I have been ordering Amy's ornaments for almost 15 years now. To me, they are the most beautiful personalized ornaments out there. I order them for friends here and family in Ireland. And everyone loves them! I am proud to be a customer of Amy's and happy to support her business! Her story (on her website) is a touching one and you can tell she puts alot of heart into every ornament she makes. Maybe one day I will get around to ordering her ornaments for my own tree! I have alot of catching up to do! Thank you Amy! And Merry Christmas!
Kendall on 11/22/2013. San Francisco  California
I've been ordering ornaments from Amy since November, 1999 when our son passed away and Amy graciously rushed an order of ornaments in our son's honor in time for the holidays. Now I try to order ornaments every year for our granddaughters so they will have personilized ones to take with them when they go out on their own. Her ornaments are beuatiful and keep year after year. The girls look forward to them every year. Great job, Amy!
Debbie M. on 11/21/2013. Lake Worth FL
Hi Amy. Mine also arrived last week. Good job once again. My kids will also be very happy with them.
I have been buying one each year for them for several years, At this point in time, they look forward to
receiving them. Thank You
A.Reed on 11/21/2013. Warrington PA
I look forward to my ornaments each year! They're a treasure! Thank you for sharing your gift!
Kim on 11/20/2013. Bells TN
Hi Amy!

I received the ornaments last week and they are ADORABLE, as usual! My kids are going to love them. Thank you so much!
A.S. on 11/14/2013. Boiling Springs SC


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