Story Behind the Ornaments


Once upon a time there was a very artistic little girl who got a BA in Studio Art from the University of South Carolina ..... just immediately after getting married. She taught school for a short time (paying jobs for artists hardly exist!!) and then moved with her husband to Tallahassee, Florida, where she did NOT teach because her first child was due to be born.

The artistic little girl was very happy as a homemaker and mother.....though she DID always think that she approached the job with a little more flair and creativity than she would have without her artistic spirit.
As the years passed the little family moved and moved and grew and grew. Tallahassee and son #1 were followed by St. Louis and son #2. Daughter # 1 came just before moving to Marlin, Texas........the family was complete!!!!
While in Texas, the little mother bought some bread dough Christmas ornaments at a craft show. She soon figured out how to make them herself...and was almost immediately selling them at craft shows herself.....DOUGH-SI-DOUGH Christmas Ornaments had been born!!! She loved having a hobby and making some extra money....and her little hobby-business did quite well.
The family moved again to Ottawa, Illinois where (surprise!!!!!) daughter #2 was born. Although more diaper changing cut deeply intoornament making time, the little mother kept making and selling at least a few ornaments each year. She thought to herself...."Gee, if I could ever quit having babies and stop moving around...I could be RICH!!!"
But then, a very bad thing happened. The little family got a DIVORCE. The little mother returned to South Carolina with her children and got a job teaching art in a middle school. She kept making ornaments too and sold them at 5 craft shows each fall.
But the LITTLER family was not doing well.....the mother worked all the time and did not think she was spending enough time with her children. The divorce made life harder for everyone.
One day, however, God sent an angel to the little mother at a craft show...actually the angel just looked like a regular guy who made bird houses........but the little mother knew later that he was surely an angel in disguise. He said to her, "I KNOW you could sell Christmas ornaments ALL YEAR!!!"
The little mother thought and thought.....she was weary, tired and unhappy because she was worried about her children. She took heart at the words of the angel and made a decision that STUNNED her family and friends ( not to mention her PRINCIPAL!!) She decided to quit teaching (even though she LOVED it!) and make ornaments full time so she could stay home with her children (whom she loved even MORE!!!).
It was very hard work, but before long the little business was doing very well. The little ornament-maker did many experiments with her recipe and her process and developed PORCELAIN DOUGH which made the the MOST BEAUTIFUL and DURABLE ornaments she had ever seen. She designed her own ornaments so that they were very UNIQUE. She had wonderful handwriting and PERSONALIZED the ornaments so they could become precious Christmas Keepsakes for her customers. And she insisted on making everyone all by herself, so she could make sure each one was PERFECT!!!
The little mother loved working at home, and thought she was taking MUCH better care of her children. She did craft shows in interesting places, and had lots of freedom to do the things she needed to do for her children.......like drive to soccer and cook supper once in a while!!!! DOMINOES PIZZA stock plummeted, however!!!!
So, the silly little hobby that the young artist-mother
learned many years before, saved the day for her little

because they are ALL living happily ever after.
Family Portrait


. . . The end . . . 

written in 1997

Now...in 2010...it is finally time to update my story...